Mission Statement
Our Mission is to promote and supply the most practical and economical techniques to assure full access
for all pedestrians and handicapped Americans who are using America’s Sidewalks while creating many
Job Opportunities in the Local Markets with our proven sidewalk grinding system.

Sidewalk Savers™ is committed to promoting Low Cost Diamond Grinding solutions to expand
implementation of The Sidewalk Standards for Accessible Sidewalks nationwide, as referenced in the
following document:

"Draft Guidelines for Accessible Public Rights-of-Way" (June 17, 2002)


The relevant sections are listed below:
"Changes in Level (1103.8)

"The pedestrian access route would be subject to requirements in ADAAG for changes in level (ADAAG 303)
which permit level changes up to 1/4 inch without treatment and level changes between 1/4
and 1/2 inch that are beveled with a slope no greater than 1:2.

"Changes in level greater than 1/2 inch are to be treated as a ramp or curb ramp.
In addition to
the referenced specifications, the draft guidelines specify a minimum linear separation of 30 inches between
level changes in pedestrian access routes to prevent successive level changes that can be disruptive to
wheelchair maneuvering, such as those that may be posed by sidewalk pavers.

"The advisory committee recommended specifying a minimum separation of 24 inches based on the standard
wheelchair wheelbase, measured in the predominant direction of pedestrian travel. However, a separation of
at least 30 inches corresponds to a common size of sidewalk segment and encompasses the wheelbase of most
wheelchairs. This would allow most persons using wheelchairs to clear one level change before encountering
another. This provision would not rule out the use of bricks or other small pavers that are installed in a manner
that provides a relatively flush surface and that are properly maintained."
Return Policy

All returns must be made within 30 days of the shipping date of the goods and goods must have an
accompanying Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number to be accepted. You can request an
Authorization Number by contacting a Sidewalk Savers™ representative at 1-614-882-0499 or email at
Any items returned must be in new, unused condition in original manufacturer's packaging. There will be a
15% restocking charge except for defective merchandise or merchandise shipped in our error. If for any
reason the item appears worn or used, or not in the original manufacturer's packaging in resalable
condition, an item will not be accepted for the return. No returns on power tools. No returns after 30 days.
Any return shipping must be prepaid to the address provided by the Sidewalk Savers™ representative.
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