For Sidewalk Repairs, Who ya gonna call?
    Call Sidewalk Savers!

Many of your neighbors have received their "Official Notice" from the City that they need to repair or replace their Sidewalks at a cost of
$200.00-$250.00/block!  With an average job requiring 4-5 blocks to be replaced, the costs can easily be over $1,000.00!

Now, there's a better and much more lower cost solution: ...............................
Sidewalk Savers!

Savings of 60% are not unusual if you are buying the job done.  The Savings are greater if you are interested in doing it yourself,
following our simple, easy to follow instructions.

Call now for details:

Sidewalk Savers!
886 East College Ave.
Westerville, OH 43081-2505

Tel: 614-882-0499        Fax:  614-899-0993


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