Return Policy

All returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. The Sidewalk Savers™
representative issues RMA numbers following a review of each RMA request as they are submitted. Each
request will be approved or denied based on the following:

  • Sidewalk Savers™ allows a thirty (30) day return policy. ALL requests for a RMA must be made within
    thirty (30) days from the    merchandise shipping date. RMA numbers issued by Sidewalk Savers™ are
    only valid for ten (10) days and the merchandise must be returned to Sidewalk Savers™ within this
    timeframe. RMA numbers will not be extended or reissued.
  • Products that are defective will be repaired, replaced, or credited according to the manufacturer’s
    warranty at Sidewalk Savers™ discretion.
  • Non-defective returns are accepted for credit or exchange at Sidewalk Savers™ discretion. All non-
    defective returns are subject to a fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee.
  • All products returned must be complete. This includes all original manufacturer’s packaging, manuals,
    documentation, power cables, or other accessories originally shipped with the product, blank warranty
    cards, and original UPC codes on the box. Incomplete returns may be returned to the Client or
    assessed an incomplete return fee of up to twenty-five percent (25%) in addition to any other fee(s).
    Returns received with the original manufacturer’s box written upon or where the Client did not use an
    adhesive shipping label will be assessed a defaced carton fee of fifteen percent (15%) in addition to any
    other fee(s).
  • The power tools, such as Jepson Grinders and Dry-Wall Vacuums are not authorized for return to
    Sidewalk Savers™  as they are typically covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty which is described on
    the Warranty Registration Card that is included in the individual product box.
  • Any products that were not purchased through Sidewalk Savers™ will not be accepted for return.

If merchandise arrives to the Client with damage that is visible or likely to have affected the contents of the
boxes, Sidewalk Savers™ recommends to the Client to refuse delivery of the shipment due to damage by
the carrier. The carrier will be responsible for returning it to Sidewalk Savers™. The Client must note the
reason for refusal on the carrier’s ‘attempted delivery’ record. If the damaged shipment is accepted, the
recipient must note all known and visible damage on the carrier’s ‘delivery record’ in order for Sidewalk
Savers™ to file a damage claim. The Client must save the product and all packing it arrived in and notify
Sidewalk Savers™ representative immediately so a carrier inspection and pickup can be arranged. Failure
to follow these instructions or to report damage within fifteen (15) days from the shipping date will result in
the return request being denied.

Any merchandise returned to Sidewalk Savers™ without a valid RMA number will be considered an
Unauthorized Return. Unauthorized Return may be returned to the Client and the Client may be charged a
processing fee per shipment returned and related freight charges. If the Client refuses the shipment of
Unauthorized Return from Sidewalk Savers™ or returns Unauthorized Return to Sidewalk Savers™ a
second time without Sidewalk Savers™ prior authorization, the Client agrees to waive all claims against
Sidewalk Savers™ for credit related to such merchandise.

The Sidewalk Savers™ representative can be reached at 1-614-882-0499 or at  
The Sidewalk Savers™ will determine if the product is eligible for a RMA. No returns of any type will be
accepted without a RMA number. For prompt service, please have as much of the following information
available as possible: Client name, original invoice number(s), Client purchase order number(s), part
number(s), serial number(s), SKU(s) and quantity, product condition, and reason for the return request. The
Client is responsible for shipping charges on returned items and all risk of loss. Sidewalk Savers™
recommends that all shipments have full insurance coverage. Please note that your return freight charges
will be the amount the freight carrier actually charges not necessarily what Sidewalk Savers™ charged you.
Sidewalk Savers™ will provide prepaid shipping labels or credit Client’s one-way shipping charges for
returns that are caused by Sidewalk Savers™ error. If the original box is not suitable for shipping, the Client
is responsible for repacking the product with an over-box to avoid damage to the original packaging and the
product. The Sidewalk Savers™ representative will be able to provide the amount of and reason for the fee
(s) on a case-by-case basis during the issuance of the RMA number as well as "ship to," and other relevant
information. Clearly mark an adhesive shipping label with this information and place it on the box.

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