Case History 40723:  Crack Sealers   -     Reynoldsburg, Ohio         23-JULY-2004

The following is an example of a residential driveway apron repair where the cost for repair is a mere fraction of the cost for removal and
replacement of the concrete block.    

The costs for removal and replacement for this site were estimated to be $506.20, which, by itself, is a relatively minor and tolerable
expense, except that the major portion to be removed and replaced  ($320.00) was the apron which was actually in very good condition.   

The complete concrete Apron Block as shown in
Figure 1 was to be removed and replaced rather than simply repairing the crack. A
crack  which probably occurred shortly after initial installation as there was no vertical dislocation of either section.
Careful inspection indicated that the apron had cracked a
few inches from the groove which was actually designed
to be the fracture point on such a driveway, as the initial
installer had known that this would be the thinnest, and
therefore, the weakest point of the apron.   He was

The question, however, is why would a city require
excessive spending for replacement of concrete which
could be inexpensively repaired in a matter of minutes?    
The only logical conclusion is that they were unaware of
the “Crack Sealer” option.

A close up view of the defective section in
Figure 2  shows
the offending crack and actually shows how thin the crack
is relative to the design groove or compared to the
junction line, filled with gravel and debris between the
apron and the gutter.

CRACK SEALER:    In order to effectively repair this crack, it
is necessary to increase the width and depth of the crack
so that a mix of Portland Cement and fine gravel, similar
to the material in the adjacent sections, can be used to re-
seal the crack.    

The ideal tool for this operation is the Crack Sealer Wheel
as shown on a Jepson™ Grinder in
Figure 3.

The “Dust Muzzle™” and plastic Cover Plate is shown
connected to the vacuum hose which connects to the   
Love-less Ash™ Drywall Vacuum Unit to contain and
control the dust at the point of generation.

The Crack Sealer Wheel has a “V” shape to produce a “V”
shaped groove which is 0.500” wide and approximately
0.600” deep, as this has proven to be sufficient width and
depth to allow strong bonding of the new concrete to the
existing freshly ground concrete.
Figure 1: Driveway Apron at 7190 Anne Ct.
Figure 2: Zoom View of Crack and adjacent Design Groove.
Figure 3: Crack Sealer Wheel with Dust Muzzle

The Actual V-Groove Grinding is shown midway through
the Crack Sealer operation in
Figure 4.   It is also
noteworthy that the operator is wearing protective Gloves,
Respirator, Safety Glasses, Hearing  Protection, a single
Knee Pad for comfort, and is capturing the dust with the
Dust Muzzle into the Triple Filtration Drywall Vacuum
Figure 4: Midway through Crack Sealer operation.
A view of the finished Groove is shown in Figure 5 and Figure 6   which also show the alternative Crack Sealer Blade which has V
shaped segments for freer cutting action and longer cutting tool life.
Figure 5: V Shaped Groove with Crack Sealer Segment Blade shown.                                          Figure 6: Finished ground Groove.

Following the grooving operation, which actually took less time to do than to describe,  the groove is ready to be flushed with water  and
patched with the Concrete mix as described earlier.  The final product, prior to drying appears as shown in
Figure 7.
Figure 7: Final View of Patched Groove.
The final clean up will be done with a wire brush after the patch has dried for 48 hours.

Sidewalk Savers™   &    Crack Sealers

Just like the Sidewalk Savers’ Solutions, the Crack Sealer process represents a simple, low cost option for repairing rather than
replacing concrete blocks on sidewalks, driveways, gutters, as well as patios, porches, and even basement or garage floors.     The
cost savings for this operation would typically be  as much as  80% of the cost of replacement, well worth the home owner’s serious

Now, when homeowners see that they need to repair or replace their Sidewalks at a cost of  $200.00-$250.00/block  or   perhaps are
contemplating  spending $300.00-$360.00 for a Driveway Apron Block, they will know that there may very well be a lower cost solution.
Call now for specific cost details or for a Quote on your specific requirements.

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