Safe Passage is a LOT Easier .....
...... When we smooth out Life's Little Bumps!

    We all  hate those nasty “pot holes” or “chuck holes” that we “Experience” on our highways during
    the Winter and Early Spring months.    Many of us have had an opportunity to express our thoughts
    concerning any roads that are not repaired quickly each Spring.

    Just like those pot holes on the highways, those seemingly small bumps caused by shifting
    concrete blocks in the front sidewalk can present a much larger barrier for a disabled person in a
    wheel chair, using a walker, or navigating without sight.

    The person who left this Flyer is requesting that you do a little                                                                 
    extra to make their passage on your front Sidewalk smoother                                                                 
    and safer.                                        

Whether a Veteran in a wheel chair, a blind neighbor, a new mommy with her baby carriage,                                                                                
an In-Line Skater, or a youngster on a bicycle, we all have one common need:

    A Smooth Sidewalk as we move through your neighborhood.     

We hope that we can count on your support, as the
Sidewalk Savers  solution shown on the next page is low cost and easily done.

Thank you!

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The Solution:                  Sidewalk Savers, Ltd.!

A Few Simple Tools such as a Diamond Grinding Cup .......
     .......and a Few minutes per year can make all the difference!

    From impossible bumps ........

    .....  to Smooth  Transitions!


The Procedures and Equipment List is available From:
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