“We all grumble about the weather, but—but—but nothing is ever done about it.” (Mark Twain)

Now there is something which causes people to grumble and perhaps even to stumble, everyday as they move about in their
cities.  I am referring to the irregular surfaces on the Sidewalks as the ground settles or rises over time.  

Fortunately, now there is a simple low cost
“Sidewalk Savers, Ltd.” solution to many of these problems.   It is now possible
and practical to end the stumbling and perhaps the grumbling at the same time     At least as it pertains to Sidewalks

        The Low cost solution: ...............    
Sidewalk Savers™!

Savings of 60% are not unusual if you are buying the job done.  The Savings are greater if you are interested in doing it yourself,
following our simple, easy to follow

Call now for details:
Sidewalk Savers, Ltd.   
886 East College Ave.
Westerville, OH   43081-2505    USA
Tel:   1-614-882-0499               Fax:   1-614-899-0993

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