Drywall Vacuum Cleaner Nacecare Industrial HEPA Vacuum with 10 Filter Bags

The Nacecare industrial HEPA vacuum comes with 2-year warranty. It has a certified HEPA filter
and is capable of handling all silica and fiberglass dust as well as dusts created when grinding
epoxies, urethanes and other toxic coatings.

The vacuum has a triple filtration system. The main filter is for large particles, followed by a .5
micron filter bag that will hold up to 20 pounds of dust. Behind the filter bag is a HEPA filter that
will remove toxic dusts down to .3 micron. The filters are replaceable and are always in stock.

Whereas most commercial vacuums move around 60cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air, the
Nacecare moves 95 cfm. In addition to moving 95 cfm, the vacuum pulls 100" of lift compared to
less than 40" of lift for many other commercial vacuums. The advantage of greater lift is that the
vacuum will still be efficient and pull 95 cfm even when the filter bags begin to fill up with fine

The Nacecare HEPA vacuum is specifically designed for collecting concrete dust, soot, drywall
dust and other toxic airborne contaminates. The increased airflow, greater lift and 2-year
warranty combine to make the Nacecare HEPA vacuum an excellent value.

How the Nacecare Vacuum Works

The patented air flow technology used in the fluted design of the tank ensures consistent
uninterrupted airflow regardless of how full the bag is. When the bag is full, simply lift the self-
sealing bag out of the tank and dispose of it.


  • HEPA Certified Filter
  • 2 year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Excellent for silica dust, fiberglass, drywall dust, anti-fouling paint and other toxic
  • 100" of Lift
  • 95 cfm Airflow
  • Triple Filter System
  • 42' Power Cord
  • Filter Efficiency 99.97% @ .3 Microns
  • Wet/Dry filters Available
  • Micro Pre-Filters Hold up to 20 Pounds of Dust
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet: 64db
  • 1200 watts, 120VAC/10 Amps
  • The Nacecare HEPA Vacuum comes with 10' of heavy-duty hose, a 3 piece floor wand and a
    12" multi-surface nozzle.
Vacuum Cleaner Bags Micro Pre-Filter Bag

The micro pre-filter bag is installed in the dry vacuum canister. This is a .5 micron disposable
filter that will hold up to 30 pounds of concrete dust. It works similar to the home vacuum system
in which the filter is thrown away once it is full of dust. When this filter is installed, the two filters
that surround the dry vacuum motor will rarely need cleaning.
The micro pre-filter bags come in packs of two.
Vacuum Cleaner Hose Adapter Hose

The adapter hose 4' x 2" x 1.25" is compatible with most existing Shop Vac 2" diameter hoses,
but is able to be used without vacuum to still move most dust away from the operator.
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